Holness Comments on Mark Golding’s Dual Citizenship Status

Monday, May 20, 2024, 12:42 PM GMT-5

On Monday, following the revelation by Mark Golding that he’s “a Jamaican citizen by birth” and “a UK citizen by descent,” the leader of Jamaica, Hon. Andrew Holness shared his opinion regarding the matter.

Holness said, “To be the ultimate executive leader of the country, you should have no other citizenship. There should be no question by your citizens that you lead that you have, somehow, split loyalties. That you have a parachute should in case anything go wrong.”


In the interview with CVM TV’s Sunrise show, Holness also outlined that, “it is an untenable situation. And if you intend to become leader of the country, whether as prime minister or any top leadership, leader of the opposition or to head the parliament or whatever it is, you really should divest yourself of any other loyalty that you might have.”

Notably, Mr. Vegas has been taking aim at the opposition leader regarding the matter and on Monday he shared a post on X with the comments, “Mark Golding caved!” and “It’s time for the King’s boy to step aside!”

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