Holness Doubles Down on Statement about Violent Lyrics after Criticism from Several Dancehall Artistes

Saturday, April 3, 2021, 2:13 PM GMT-5

After a number of stinging criticisms, by a slew of Dancehall artistes, saying Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness is being duplicitous, he doubled down on his stance regarding the way that the violent lyrics contribute to the level of crime that is seen on the island.

Mr Holness has revealed that he loves Dancehall music, but he is not backing down and he was an unapologetic fan of the genre, and during a recent interview, he revealed that he had to speak the plain truth, as some of the lyrics glorify violence and they are, therefore, harmful.

The Prime Minister believes our music could do much more for the people who earn from it if the artistes would stop glorifying violence. As one of the biggest supporters of the Jamaican music and culture he is unapologetic. 

The leader believes he has a duty to reflect the uncomfortable truth as he wants to engage the Dj’s and artistes so they will be a part of the development of the country. He recognizes that he has been the only leader who openly expressed his love for the local art form, and he wants to continue engaging dancehall artistes. However, he believes the artistes have a responsibility and a duty to understand that the music that sounds good can be legitimizing violence and that is wrong.

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He was being berated by members of the public and a number of artistes, who thought he was being hypocritical after he explained that violent lyrics had an influence on the behaviour of some people who were carrying out vicious acts on their fellow citizens. 

His use of the moniker ‘Brogad’ and the fact that he used dub plates during the last general election and some of the artistes who did his dub plates were known for using violent lyrics in their tracks. Holness had explained at the time that the dub plates were not commissioned, the artistes had volunteered to do their part to help the party.

After Mr Holness made the first statement in Parliament Masicka, Mavado, Dovey Magnum and others spoke out against him, after he addressed the issue of violent lyrics in dancehall music for the second time since this year. 

In January he said the Jamaican music was on par with science and technology and it is another important tool for economic growth and it was recognized by the Government and foreigners but it was being bombarded with violent songs and its integrity was threatened.

At that time Foota Hype had told the dancehall fraternity to ignore the PM in an online rant. He believed Politicians started the gun violence in the country during their fight for power in the 70s and now they are seeking to blame the dancehall artistes for the ongoing violence.

According to Mavado, Andrew Holness should stop from blaming the high crime rate in Jamaica on violent lyrics, he asked “Why is this man blaming crime on music every prime minister that the ppl vote in when dem get them Bloodclatt seat to work Dem fail and come point fingers”, he also said “well we pointing right back at you”.

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