Hot Frass Disses Skillibeng after BOX DOWN Allegations

Friday, May 28, 2021, 12:28 AM GMT-5

Young dancehall artiste, Skillibeng is currently being attacked lyrically, days after he released the “Guide me” song which is proving to be controversial. Based on a line in the song that referred to one of the deejay’s friend by the name of “Speshy”, boxing down another artiste in the same area where he comes from.

The identity of the artiste that got slapped in the face remained a mystery for a day or two with fans making speculations here and there as to who the “Hot” deejay was talking about, however, at this point, there is no longer a mystery as the reveal came in a song that was crafted as a diss track in response to the “Guide me” song the “Eastsyde Don” did.

The song is entitled “Pan Belly” and it was recorded by, budding St. Thomas artiste, Hot Frass who did not only respond to the box down statement but also went to the extent of launching extra shots in the direction of Skillibeng. To start the song, the “Polo Shirt” deejay said they would have to dream about boxing him down, in trying to make his point that he did not get hit in his face.

He went on a disrespectful onslaught of Skilli by telling the entertainer that he should go back to working at the supermarket, something that was not known before Hot Frass mentioned it in his track. Further on in the song, “Frass” called, the “Coke” artiste an actual coke head then he went on to tease him about getting a “Jacket”.

That was not all for the disrespects against Skillibeng, as his fellow St. Thomas artiste, jeered his song entitled “Yo”, labelling it as “fuxxry”, then going on to describe the now Billboard artiste as someone who “nyam puxxy”.

The track is nothing shorter than a direct diss to the “Crocodile teeth” singer, and fans and vloggers already are wondering if this is the rise of a new Dancehall warfare but we will need to wait and see what happens.

Check out Skillibeng’s “Guide me” visual below.

Watch Hot Frass ‘s “Pon Belli” Official Music Video below.

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