How to Write a Good Music Essay

Tuesday, November 21, 2017, 1:37 PM GMT-5

[PAID(NoADS)]Writing an Essay about Pop Music: A Step-by-Step Guide

Not everyone is a good writer and some people experience daunting challenges when they write. While some people find it easy, others always seem to experience difficulties and therefore often fall short of their deserved grades.


To help students, Essay Kitchen provides some tips and common mistakes when writing an essay about music. This will motivate students who experience difficulties while writing. Knowing or understanding the structure of a paper is the first step to write a good essay. So, read on a step-by-step guide to writing an essay about pop music.

What to consider before writing an essay on pop music

The history of pop music – before writing about pop music, it is essential to, first of all, understand its origin, who were the pioneers, why it originated, and the places where it came from. The essence of music is always found in the history of music, therefore, consider the history of music before writing an essay on pop music.

Types of music instruments associated with pop music – the instruments associated with a certain genre of music also speaks a lot of about music. Before writing an essay about pop music, it is indeed essential to consider the type of music instruments resonant with the music.

Performance of pop music – how a genre is performed is also essential to one’s writing. Musicians perform differently and it is unique to their genres. Therefore, it is indeed important to know how pop artists execute while on stage.

Examples of some of the pop music artists – you also need to know some of the artists who identify with the genre. You, therefore, need to conduct research on pop music and identify examples of pop artists and songs to include in your essay.

Your stance on the music – is the music enjoyable and should people spend time listening to it? You indeed need to provide your readers with a stance on the music genre. As the writer, your readers need to know your stance or opinion on the music.

Two main pitfalls to expect

  1. One pitfall would be writing about the same things or make your thesis statement a cliché.
  2. The temptation to deviate from the topic and focus on other genres which of less importance to the topic.

The structure of an essay

  • All essays have an introduction, body, and conclusion. These should always appear in your essay but it is essential to know how to write each section.
  • In the introduction, you need to introduce the topic, that is, give the readers an idea of what they should expect. Typically, an introduction should have a definition, brief story, a quote, or a general remark regarding pop music. You can also consider beginning your essay with a brief history of pop music and help your readers understand how and why it all began.
  • The body of an essay about pop music needs to have or include all the supporting arguments regarding pop music. Each paragraph needs to have a topic sentence which holds the supporting argument. After the supporting argument, you need to include additional sentences which help to explain or provide further evidence on the topic sentence. Here you can include examples and or stories which support your stance on a topic.
  • The concluding paragraph offers the closing reviews on a topic. Here, you need to offer a summary of all the arguments in the paper and also restate the thesis statement. While writing an essay on pop music, the conclusion needs to contain your final thoughts on the genre including whether people need to listen to it or not. Readers need to have something to remember about your article, therefore, find a statement or phrase to conclude your essay.

Mistakes to avoid

One of the mistakes you need to avoid is to confuse genres of music. Using a different genre in place of pop will lead a different essay altogether. Therefore, conduct thorough research on the topic and ensure you avoid confusing it with another genre.

Another mistake would be to think because you are a fan of pop music you understand everything there is to know about pop music. Research is indeed crucial and therefore, you need to ensure you have all the facts about pop music.

Tips for writing a good music essay

  • Listen to a diverse number of music genres.
  • Read widely about music.
  • Attend live events of different music genres.
  • Subscribe to different blogs and magazines about music.
  • Seek to write about aspects or perceptions you do not like.


In a nutshell, writing an essay about pop music is not an intricate task. You need to first of all conduct thorough research and understand the history of pop music. Aside from the above, you also need to know the structure of an essay. Growing as a writer takes time and therefore, you need to be patient and take your time.

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