Huge Bird Breaks Plane’s Windshield – Watch Video

A pilot was apparently almost killed when a giant bird reportedly “struck” the plane’s windshield and broke through it. The bird became fastened between the cracks of the glass, its feet dangling above the pilot’s hands as he attempted to navigate the aircraft while the bird’s butt was directly in his face.

Footage of this incident has gone viral online, showing a bloody scene inside the cockpit. The seemingly lifeless bird had smears of blood on its body, and the pilot’s face had streaks of blood, with blood stains on his hand and sleeve.

While the injuries he sustained are unclear, the note attached to the video informed viewers that the pilot safely landed the plane by saying, “Pilot safely lands his plane after a huge bird struck his windshield.”

Watch the video of the incident below:

However, some people believe that the plane hit the bird based on the position of the animal and dragged the pilot. One Twitter user wrote, “That bird went ass first through that windshield. That makes me think the pilot was either speeding or tail gating. I hope that birds insurance has good lawyers.”

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