Passenger Opens Emergency Exit Door While Plane is in Mid-Air – Watch Video

A passenger was arrested after opening the emergency exit door of a plane that was flying mid-air, triggering fear among the passengers inside the aircraft. An aeroplane, travelling over South Korea on Friday, had around 194 passengers aboard, and one of the passengers somehow managed to open the exit door behind the wing of the plane.

The plane is reported to be an Asiana Airlines Airbus that usually cruises at about 500 MPH, with its flight lasting for 1 hour.

Passengers tried to stop the suspect from opening the door but were unsuccessful, and the moment the door opened, the flight turned into a wind tunnel, immersing the passengers in powerful gusts of wind.

A video of the incident was released that showcased the state of the passengers after the door was opened. The two passengers who were close to the door braced themselves with the passenger seated closest to the door, feeling the full force of the wind on his face.

While no one was hurt, after the plane landed safely some of the occupants were sent to the hospital for monitoring, and the passenger who opened the door was apprehended. The motive for his actions remains unclear.

Watch the video of the passengers on the plane below:

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