Husband Cheats With Church Sister

A woman is left distressed and confused after her husband breaks their marital vows by having an affair with a woman from their church. The wife, who did not disclose her name, wrote a letter explaining her situation in a segment of Dear Pastor.

The mother of two, who is in her late thirties, expressed that her husband became abusive sometime during their relationship and stopped attending church, which was where he met his mistress. In the beginning, the wife said she warned her husband about her church sister, who is older and likes younger men.

However, her husband got involved with the church sister, who made it a habit to call her husband to do repairs around her house at night. “One night I asked her whether the problem couldn’t wait until the morning, and she said the pipe had burst. I got really angry and asked her if she was sure that it was not her personal plumbing that needed to be fixed,” the wife, who is in her late thirties, wrote.

She continued by saying that she demanded to accompany her husband to the woman’s house, but he rejected her company, leading her to hide his car keys inside her underwear. When the female called again, and the wife confronted her about the late-night calls, the church sister responded by saying that she did not want her husband because he was “too poor for her.”

The church sister subsequently cut her off, and her relationship with the husband grew, prompting the distressed wife to report the matter to the pastor. According to the letter, things spiralled out of control after the pastor was made aware, and the mistress started badmouthing her.

Her husband would leave work and have dinner at his mistress’ house, leading the wife to stop cooking meals for him, which he never ate. She also stopped having sex with him for a while, which sparked an argument and she stopped washing his clothes.

“For three months I gave him no sex, and that woman was there helping him out,” she continued in the letter, adding later that the mistress claimed her husband saw her with another man.

Venting her dilemma, the wife said that she could not bear to continue living in the state she is in, but the church she attends does not believe in divorce. Meanwhile, her husband told their pastor that while he was willing to return to his wife, he would not leave his mistress since his wife refused to have sex with him.

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