Husband Surprises Wife With 11yr Son He Been Hiding; She Flipped – Watch Video

A video is circulating the internet of a man who stepped out on his marriage and then shows up to his home with an eleven-year-old son and asks his wife to help him raise the child.

The video starts with the wife questioning her husband on where the child came from and he replied, “I’ve already explained what is going on, he’s staying here now. It is what it is.” 

Further explaining the situation, he voiced, “Something just went down and I had to go get my son. It is what it is, he gotta stay here now. You have to accept that.” 

The wife got to the point where she said to the child, who was standing off to the side while they argued, “I don’t want no parts of it. I’m sorry baby, you seem like you prolly a little sweet baby but I don’t want no parts of this. I’m sorry about what happened to yo mama.”

She stated that she would rather get a divorce from her husband because she does not think she will be able to raise someone else’s child and that she will not be able to trust her husband because if he kept a child from her for 11 years, she does not know what else he could be lying about.

Watch the full video below:

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