Husband Confronts Wife After Finding Out She’s on Only Fans; Wife Says “My Choice My Body” – Watch Video

Monday, October 30, 2023, 10:48 AM GMT-5

Angry after discovering that his wife has an Only Fans account, former NBA player Joe Smith confronted his spouse, who remained unapologetic during their argument.



In a video, Smith, a former member of the Golden State Warriors, expressed his disappointment that his wife would start an Only Fans account without talking to him first. Smith’s wife, Kisha Chavis, apparently began videoing their argument without his knowledge.

She was seemingly more interested in explaining herself to her viewers, walking away from him after he said the situation was “f**ked up.” However, the couple’s argument continued, with Smith following Chavis upstairs.

In response to Smith’s anger at just finding out about the Only Fans account, Chavis said that it was her body and her choice, “My Choice My Body”. She also hinted that the couple may be going through some financial issues, stating, “Joe, I’ve been talking to you about mad things. I’ve been asking for solutions to shit, you not giving me none, so I created one.”

Chavis went on to state that Smith knew who she was before their relationship and that she was doing multiple jobs other than Only Fans, but that they were not as lucrative. Smith reportedly earned approximately $18 million over the course of his basketball career, but his salary significantly dropped after he retired from the NBA in 2011, and he later fell into debt.

Watch the video below.


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