Husband’s Side Chick Is Determined To Have Him

The mistress of a married man is determined to have him and she calls late nights requesting to see him, despite his wife’s objections.

A woman, who disclosed her name as J.M, sought advice about the problems she was having in her marriage. She wrote a lengthy letter detailing the state of her marriage and started by clarifying that she knew of the mistress before she got married.

28-year-old J.M got married four years ago to a man who was in a polyamory relationship with both her and another woman before the marriage. As he was dating and having sex with both ladies, she knew the other woman very well since he was open about his sex life. The writer also disclosed that they even had a threesome together.

The only rule he had was that neither of the ladies dates anyone else outside of their relationship, and J.M said she never did that. She continued her letter saying that while she wasn’t sure who he would’ve proposed to, she knew he loved them both, and he supported them financially.

“If we needed money, he gave it to us,” she wrote and added that he paid their rents. The 40-year-old man was making lots of money and, since he was the only child of his parents, he inherited the fortune his father left for him when he died.

As for his mother, she “sees him as the apple of her eye” and, according to the man, the mother was only aware of J.M and not the other woman.

The writer went on to say that his mother bought a house in America to migrate so she would be closer to her sister overseas. The sister wanted her to relocate so that she and her children could care for her. This was how the talk of marriage came about.

The letter explained that his mother wanted to see them married before she left Jamaica. J.M wrote that she told him she would marry him only if he ended the “love affair” with the other woman. However, he openly refused to do so and, upon reflecting on what she would lose if they left, she changed the one condition she had. The new condition stated that he was only allowed to see her once per week, and he should encourage her to find someone else.


He agreed to this, but the other woman, who was older than J.M, had a huge problem with that condition. The letter said that the woman went ahead and complained to his mother but his mother told her she only knew of J.M and not her.

Subsequently, J.M and the man got married, but the other woman calls both day and night, telling him to visit her. She calls even past midnight and the writer said that she has been trying to fight back by telling her husband that he can’t continue the lifestyle he had before he was married.

She writes that she isn’t able to get through to her husband as the problem continues to persist, and he only says “everything is going to work out”.

Fearing she will lose him, she has told him to give the woman money and “call it a day”. She has even admitted to recently calling the woman and asking her what she wants to end the communication with her husband. The woman expressed that she wasn’t going to break communication because she wanted him.

Feeling lost, the writer asks for advice and confessed that she thought marrying the man would stop the woman from wanting him. Her letter seeking help from a pastor was published in the Star on February 21.

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