Man Loans His Side Chick $750,000 From His Wife’s Joint Account

Giving loans might be a bit challenging at times, but it can be even more chaotic when you are giving it to your mistress. A married man recently found this out after he loaned his side chick $750,000 to assist her in paying down on a house.

The man, who is both a husband and a father, wrote to a pastor asking for advice because he felt confused. He explained that he met a young woman who was in a long-distance relationship with a guy overseas. As they got close, she told him that her boyfriend had sent her money to purchase a house, but she had used some of it. Not wanting to tell her boyfriend that she had used a quantity of the money, she asked the man for help.

Being generous, he of course assisted her with a loan of $750,000 from a joint account he shared with his wife. His wife is unaware of what he did, so he needs to return the money before she discovers that it’s missing.

However, with no contracts signed, getting the money back is posing a large problem. His mistress had promised to repay his loan using another loan she had applied for, but the deadline has passed long ago. In fact, it has been a year since she had gotten it.


To make matters worse, he is unable to see her, and their affair ended for some months ago because her boyfriend has returned from abroad. Exhausting all methods of communication, he tried to have one of his female friends contact her, but that didn’t end well. The side chick denied his allegations, stating that he is lying, and she never received a cent from him.

Angry at her betrayal, he expressed that he at times think about revealing their affair to her boyfriend, but that would of course lead to his wife finding out about it. Not wanting to lose his money nor his family, he seeks advice and prays he can find a way out of the hole he dug himself into.

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