“I like my job… Everybody is selling something” OnlyFans Escort Responds to Backlash About Sleeping With Married Men – Video

September 26, 2022

An OnlyFans model, who works as an escort, addressed the backlash she has been receiving for sleeping with married men. Despite women slamming her for offering her services to these men, she openly stated that she did not feel bad for doing her job. The model apathetically explained in a video that selling sexual services to single or married men did not rest on her conscience.

On World Star Hip Hop, where the video was shared, she is heard saying, “I never look for clients; they find me. I don’t feel bad. A lot of people in the comments want me to feel guilty, but I don’t.” The model added that women needed to stop blaming other women or the environment for a man’s decision.


“I like my job. I do not need saving. Nothing I say on this app is a cry for help. I am ok. We are all a wh*re in some sense. Everybody is selling something,” the model continued. According to the model, she operated similarly to a switch, and after work, she was completely switched off with zero interest in her clients. In fact, she might even forget their faces.

“After my client leaves, they leave my reality. I could walk down the street with someone that I just f*cked and don’t remember them. I’m like a machine. I turn on, and then I turn off,” she stated.

Later, she gave a little more detail about herself, including her nonexistent dating life. The reason for not dating is simply because of her job, but she has no intention of quitting to find love. Additionally, she shared that she has a great relationship with her relatives, who were all fully aware of her escorting services.

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