Mother Explains Why She Had to Sell Sex to Take Care of Her Baby – Watch Video

A woman who had to make difficult life decisions for her baby’s wellbeing has decided to share the hardships she has faced as a mother. Despite the possibility of being criticised, the brave mother did not shy away from showing her face in a video, which served to inform viewers about her reasons for resorting to offering sexual services.

In the video shared on the Rawpa Crawpa YouTube channel, she begins explaining that the first time she started selling sexual services was after she and the father of her child broke up.  The mother said she was incapable of working, and while she had the hustle of picking herbs, it could not cover her baby’s needs as it only paid $500. 


Explaining that the father refused to help, she said, “Yuh see when mi run out a bloodcleet feeding and mi call di bwoy, di bwoy cuss mi pan di phone, tell mi seh him nah mine nuh big woman.” With the father of her child unwilling to support her 6-month-old baby and her inability to work, she said she had to seek an alternative. 

She subsequently sought help from a man who had feelings for her for quite some time. Though she was not interested in having a relationship, she called on the man and requested $5000 while offering him sex. After the man arrived and they were about to start, she continued by saying she “tun back way” and went on her knees because she was too ashamed to face him. “Di first mi a do these things inna mi life…and yuh see from that day, mi learn fi go pan mi knee fi my child,” she added.

The mother went on to say that her child was never again hungry or out of diapers. As the 8:40 second-long video continued, she boldly stated that she was no longer ashamed of using her body to ensure that her child was never again hungry. The woman said when she reached out for help from her child’s father, whom she struggled with for years, he told her to get a man. 

After sharing the first video and seemingly receiving a lot of criticism, she made a second video explaining that her sexual service is no different from women who state that they “f**k and collect.”

“Any way yuh tek it, people ago judge yuh. If yuh a f**k a man and yuh nah get nothing, yah di biggest yamhead. If yah f**k and yuh deh collect, yah di biggest whore,” she explained.

Watch the video with the mother below.

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