I-Octane and Rygin King Making “Paranoid” Music Video – Watch Videos

Dancehall artiste I-Octane treated fans to a behind-the-scenes clip of the music video for Paranoid, featuring fellow deejay Rygin King. The collaboration is featured on I-Octane’s I Am Great album, which was released earlier this year in March. As the song speaks about facing various struggles in life and having faith, the two entertainers are seen on a dimly lit set singing while they sit next to each other and hold hands.

“sane or mi mad, nuh difference when mi happy from di days when mi sad, yeah. Like di blood inna mi vein dem wi clad, mi a beg yuh come save mi, mi God, yeah,” I-octane sang, to which Rygin King responded, “Hey, tell me if me sane or mi mad.”

Listen to the song below:

In the caption, the Friend Killa vocalist referred to Rygin King as “1 King” and indicated that his fans should support Rygin King’s Therapy album, which was released on September 9. The post was met with positive responses from fans who believed that the song depicted “greatness.” One IG user commented, “Real song from real yutes,” and another person said they “love this song.”

A second video was shared on I-Octane’s Instagram Story, where Rygin King told fans to look out for the music video and check out the I Am Great album, while I-Octane spoke about their “smooth” outfits, which were all black. I-Octane’s I Am Great is his fifth album, and it contains 15 tracks that focus more on social consciousness.

Watch the video below:

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