I-Octane Disses Malie Donn in New Freestyle – Watch Video

Following his recent clapback at emerging deejay Malie Donn, reggae dancehall artiste I-Octane continued to fire shots at the young entertainer on Friday, targeting him in a new diss freestyle.

Malie Donn’s “mi nuh freak mi nuh octane” lyrics on his single Nah Forfeit were regarded as a diss to I-Octane by a number of its listeners. I-Octane took to social media on Thursday to air his grievances against the dancehall newcomer, but the Mine Who You A Diss artiste seemingly had a lot more to get off his chest.


Utilising Instagram once again to take aim at Malie Donn, I-Octane tagged the deejay in the post of his freestyle, in which he made sure to clarify that no woman was capable of making him perform certain sexual acts.

“Who da nyam f**k bwoy yah a call freak? Yuh know um much gyal have me out deh as dem heartbeat [ … ] Still mi lef dem lonely cay di don nah eat,” I-Octane deejays on the freestyle. The freestyle’s lyrics then took a more aggressive turn, with I-Octane declaring that he could have him easily dealt with.

“Sen a juvi come kill yuh. Chop up and dweet. Head buss, p***y get shot up pon a car seat. Tek a picta sen it to the phone mek di don please.”

I-Octane previously warned Malie Donn to be ready to defend himself whenever both men met on stage and clarified that their confrontation would be a lyrical one and not physical. The freestyle has garnered mixed reactions from fans, with some arguing that dancehall did not need another feud.

“Dancehall nuh need this clash right now, we need more unity and good marketable music,” one viewer stated.

However, others have criticised dancehall’s emerging artists for their lack of respect.

“That’s why Jamaica is where it’s at. We no show respect to who pave the ground so we can walk pon [ … ] Them little hurry come up with the idiot music fi [go] one side an show respect,” one viewer said in I-Octane’s defence.

Watch the video below.


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