Inmate who Refuses Sexual advances Get’s Stabbed

May 8, 2018

[Sharingbuttons]”Your Honor a tru she wah deh wid me mek she stab me”, the complainant said she was approached by Watson, and she refused her sexual advances, they are both inmates at the South Camp Rehabilitation Centre and they were attending court because of the alleged altercation. 

Anna-Kay Watson pleaded not guilty to the charges of unlawful wounding when she faced the judge in the Kingston and St. Andrew Court recently.


The complainant said on April 14, she went and picked up her sheet off the clothesline at the prison and when she was on her way back another inmate called out to her and said, “Watch out. She a go stab yu”. 

The complainant explained that she then turned around a saw Watson, with a sharp tool, and she used it to stab her in her breast, her leg and her hand. 

Judge Vaughn Smith was clearly annoyed with Watson, who shouted expletives when she entered the court and when the judge asked her if she knew she could be charged for using indecent language, she said it was no problem
The complainant then tried to tell the judge how uncontrollable Watson was and how she had spat on her, but Watson interrupted her and said she was lying.

The case is set to be in court again on June 27, and the judge asked for the complainant to be kept far from Watson as investigations are done in the matter.


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