Innocent Elderly Couple Killed In Russian Tank Attack In Kyiv Ukraine – Watch Footage

Tuesday, March 8, 2022, 6:03 PM GMT-5

Russia continues to reign terror on Ukraine and as such many bodies have been found lifeless, many of which are said to be innocent people.

Just this Tuesday, TMZ news published a story that shows where an elderly Ukrainian couple was killed as a result of an attack by a Russian war tank.

The incident took place in Makarov Kyiv, after being under siege for a few days forcing people to be in a hurry to leave the city.

It seemed as if the couple were also trying to get out of Kyiv when their vehicle was blasted by the tank which was caught on a close-by surveillance camera. That video showed the moment the car was hit and at the time its inside could be seen fully engulfed in flames after which debris began to fly all around from the blast.

Another video was also captured showing the damages and the couple leaning on each other in the car after it had been hit.

For the vehicle, the entire front part was destroyed showing that the impact alone could have caused the loss of lives even though the shot was taken from a distance out. It is also reported by TMZ that based on what is known about the attack, is that there were no Ukrainian soldiers or convoys in the area at the time so it would appear to be an unreasonable kill.

Already numerous videos have been released showing innocent people who have been killed in Ukraine, with those numbers continuing to climb as the invasion continues.


Check out the viral footage below.

See photo of the damaged car below.

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