Sizzla Kalonji Speaks Out Against Racism In Ukraine 

Amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there have been talks of high level of racism happening in the country which has been reported in news mediums such as the Washington Post and Axios who have published stories making it known that foreign students have been subjected to the horrific form of discrimination.

Just this Tuesday Reggae artiste Sizzla Kalonji spoke out on the matter by making a post on his Instagram account showing a video with a black man being badly beaten by a group of white men in the country, after a fight seemingly broke out between the men on the street.

The primary reason for the abuse that took place in the video is not clear, however, Sizzla took to his Instagram and shared the video to speak out against the matter, he wrote in the caption of the video post, “What an evil deed being done to us even to this day, we did them nothing. Sizzla big up all black people in Ukraine. They’re still a lot of good people out there. Get off the streets stick to your own yet try to get home. What a price for education.” Said the deejay.

As for the content of the video, it shows the black man receiving a punch from one of the white guys that sent him right to the ground after which another ran and launched a kick in his head, then proceeded to gang him with other individuals.

In the comment section of the post, many people were not happy and went on venting their frustration about what they had seen considering that it is now the 21st century and acts of racism are continuing.


As the invasion continues in Ukraine, Kharkiv, one of the country’s biggest cities has been attacked by Russia and with the continued strikes, many foreigners have been making their way back to their native lands with hopes to find safety as many of those affected have been making complaints of racism and their needs for protection not being attended to because of their colour. 


One man according to the Washington Post’s youtube channel spoke to racism in Ukraine as being caused by ignorance which is further propagated by a lack of Political correctness that one can find in the United States as something that masks the ugly face of discrimination.

Watch Ukrainians gang and beat the black man below.

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