Intence’s former manager “Boysie” responds to Reports that he tried to Kill Iwaata and Intence recently!

August 26, 2020

Dancehall artiste Intence has parted ways with his former manager and now rumours are circulating that the former manager who goes by the name “Boysie” tried to setup Intence and Iwaata’s life at a recent party.

Months ago Intence did a mass unfollowing on Instagram including his former manager Boysie and since then it was reported that the two no longer are in business.


Before the split Intence made shout-out to “Boysie” in several of his hit songs most notably in his breakout tune “Go Hard”. Now that the two have parted ways we don’t hear Intence shouting out “Boysie” as he did before and according to fans the two are enemies.

It was reported days ago by a popular youtube vlogger that Intence almost lost his life at a party and since then fingers have been pointing at “Boysie”.

In self defence of the ongoing rumours, Boysie took to Instagram and wrote ” dem a seh mi send man fi kill Intence and iwaata Jah jah,how mi fi kill mi Soldiers dem” See the rest of Boysie’s statement below.

Boysie also posted a video of Chris Brown saying that people should be careful of who they help because oftentimes that same person is an enemy. Alkaline shared one of Iwaata’s new music videos to his Instagram and as a result, fans are claiming that Alkaline signed Iwaata, only time will tell the facts.

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