International Reggae Day, Today July 1st

Sunday, July 1, 2018, 8:10 PM GMT-5

International Reggae Day is being celebrated today, July 1. It is good to know that the people who belong to a small island like Jamaica has produced a music that is so powerful that it has become popular in many places all over the world. Bob Marley is known as the International Superstar that took Reggae music all over the world, even though there were other artistes who performed and sang Reggae music before he got to know about it.

There is an annual event that is held in Kingston, Jamaica. It is dedicated to celebrating the success of Reggae music. The love for Reggae music is strong and it is not fading because of it’s outstanding qualities. Reggae music was originally born out of ska and rocksteady music in the 1960’s as a grass roots music and then gained popularity all over the world. The music that was known as rebel music at one time was an analysis of the life of the poor people on the island and the musicians. Even Bob Marley sang about his own struggles, so the people connected with his music more than they connected with music from other countries. 


During the time when Black persons were going through oppression in Africa and America, many persons got encouragement from the Reggae songs, as Bob would sing songs like “Get up stand up” and “Soul Rebel” and the locks Bob Marley wore caused him to have a special appeal.

International Reggae Day is celebrated in many ways, you can go to Kingston where you’ll find fans from all over the world eating the traditional Jamaican food and listening to the great Reggae beat. There are quite a number of artistes who are now doing Reggae and they are not from Jamaica, they just heard the music and fell in love with it. The celebrate the day in many different ways where they are. It is important for persons to wear the red green and gold colors of the Rastafarians on the day also.

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