Investigation Launched Into Video Of Police Attacking Man Recording Him

The Inspectorate of the Constabulary (IOC) is said to have launched an investigation into a video that surfaced online showing a policeman attacking a member of the public who had been recording a confrontation between cops and an alleged taxi operator.

The date of the video is not yet known, however, you can clearly hear the male voice in the video saying “a taxi man unnuh ah deal with so bredrin?!,” following which a police officer took out this gun and runs towards the camera.

The JCF says there is no place for unprofessional conduct within the organization. It adds that the police public interaction policy clearly guides all police interactions with the public and any deviation from this constitutes a breach of discipline.

See video below:

MY OPINION: Citizen in the wrong for interfering…Police in the wrong for pointing a loaded weapon at a citizen, who wasn't a real threat. So many wrongs could have escalated this situation to something more deadly.

Posted by The Tina Chin Experience on Tuesday, November 14, 2017

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