Isaiah Laing Talks Being Involved In Multiple Fatal Shootouts, Details The 3 Times He Got Shot While On Duty – Watch Interview

Thursday, December 7, 2023, 8:04 PM

Speaking on his time as a lawman in the streets of Jamaica during an interview, Sting originator Isaiah Laing detailed the three times he got shot while on duty, his run-ins with a notorious gang member, and how he was eventually pushed out of the force.

Before finding one of the most prominent stage shows in Jamaica, Laing had a decades-long career in the police force.


He joined the police force in 1976 before first venturing into dancehall in 1980. Speaking on The Fix, Laing shared that he was first drawn to the force at a young age due to the respect and adoration the job received. Quickly rising to the rank of detective, Laing became well-known by the public and feared by local criminals.

Detailing the three times he got shot while on duty, Laing shared that he was shot for the first time while patrolling in Denham Town with three soldiers. While patrolling, Laing eventually encountered an armed man who shot him in the left hand, but he was able to take down the assailant after drawing his own weapon.

Isaiah Laing talks police career

Laing went on to disclose that the second time he was shot was unexpectedly by a fellow officer who accidentally shot him during a raid.

“That’s a serious, serious thing. That was an M16 rifle. Dat lick mi and it trow mi [ … ] Yuh know how yuh watch cowboy show and si cowboy a fly when dem get shot? Is true!” Laing stated.

He was later grazed on the head after being shot at by an assailant with a Desert Eagle during an investigation in Bull Bay, he also detailed how he returned fire fatally hitting the man.

Laing also shared multiple other deadly encounters he had with criminals and pointed out that he was known to be a top shooter in the streets as a cop, he was also rumoured to be influenced by “rum and milk”.

According to the former lawman, after spending 20 years in the force, he was pushed out by “McMillan,” seemingly referring to the former Commissioner of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), Colonel Trevor MacMillan, who he said did not want to be overshadowed by him and Cornwall ‘Bigga’ Ford.

Sharing his views on modern policing, Laing expressed that it is missing the methods utilised in his era, and officers are going into communities to speak with the residents.

Expressing a willingness to help the government formulate a new crime strategy, Laing encouraged the people in government to seek advice and utilise the experience of retired officers.

Watch the interview below.

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