Isaiah Laing Talks Sting Returning to Jamworld, Plans to Book “Giants In Dancehall” and Last Year’s Clash Being a “Disaster” – Watch Interview

Ex-police Isaiah Laing says this year’s staging of Sting will be its 40th anniversary and will include dancehall ‘giants’ in its lineup. The promoter of the one-night event also confirms its return to Jamworld, Portmore, despite admitting that Plantation Cove in Saint Ann was a ‘very nice’ venue.

Isaiah Laing was asked in an interview after the official launch if he was going to use the same format as last year that excluded veteran artistes. Laing responded by stating, “We never ditch veterans, at least I never ditch veterans, I, Isaiah Laing, never did that, but if the team seh we going a particular way, I work with it, but I say changes have to be made.”

Laing also addressed last year’s controversial staging, particularly the Queenie vs Amari clash, which he says was not in his plan. The promoter said people were asking for the musical clash between the two female entertainers.

According to Laing, “Is you people ask for that clash enuh it wasn’t me or anybody from supreme enuh, cause I sent people to do interviews and the people are saying not that clash we talking about, Amari and Queenie that wasn’t in my books any at all because I know something was plan from another company for something to happen on the stage.”

The ex-police also pointed out that Amari and Queenie didn’t come to Sting to work but to fight. However, despite the mayhem caused by two female entertainers, Laing admitted it was also a good side to it.

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“It make Sting trend, so am not going to beat it either it’s true, Sting trend for two days straight to number one; everybody in the world did a ask me what is Sting so you have to give kudos to them too, people just a cuss and a seh this but there is a good side to it, yeah,” Laing explained.

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See the interview below:

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