Skatta Blames Dancehall Artistes’ High Booking Price for Failure of Sting, “Man a charge 150,000 US” – Watch Interview

Sunday, February 26, 2023, 11:23 AM GMT-5

Skatta Burrell, in a recent interview on the podcast The Fix, did not hold back any thoughts when he spoke to how artistes in the dancehall business need to reform their way of thinking when it comes to the Jamaican culture and their views on how they charge for shows in Jamaica, while he stood behind Ishawna and her career decisions.

Skatta Burrell explained that hardcore stage shows such as Sting do not have the large support of investors that other shows do, so when artistes who are well-known and trending charge extremely large amounts of cash in foreign currencies to perform in a local show, it simply depicts that the artistes do not care about their fans and that they are only doing music for the money.


He also stated that requesting large payments in foreign currency for a local stage show featuring numerous famous artistes who must also be paid does not reflect the state of Jamaica’s financial economy. He added to this by saying that when these promoters run their numbers and realize that their budgets do not align with the amounts the artistes are charging, they will look to the cheaper, less expensive dancehall acts, who will still generate a large number of supporters, but it will downplay the intensity of the performances that are put forward on the shows, ultimately leading to the shows being labelled as mediocre.

Skatta expressed these sentiments when he stated, “the promotors and the people dem weh mean the business well nah get the chance fi even do nothin’ fi benefit the culture because the man dem weh we a rely pon now fi assist in keeping this thing alive, a lot of them don’t really care…” Skatta Burrell, in his hopes, asked artistes to recognize that while their talents are valuable and should be compensated, Jamaican promoters are unable to pay the various teams that come together to ensure that the shows run smoothly while charging the outrageous amounts that they do in other countries. “Man a charge 150,000 US,” he said.

He also gave notice that they are able to book international artistes to perform, but they make the decision to invest in the local market to build the country and uphold the culture.

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Later in the interview, Skatta defended his student Ishawna, explaining that she has developed a fighter’s spirit as a result of many top artistes attempting to derail her career simply because she sings about things with which they disagree.

He said, “She is in a good place mentally.” He explained that Ishawna’s career is not as easy as that of other females in the dancehall music industry, and it was made to be like this because so many big names are fighting against her for what she portrays through her songs, and for this reason, he will stand behind her. He also mentioned that when Ishawna tried to clash with Bounty Killer, he believes that she would have dominated that lyrical battle and that they were ready for it to happen.

Watch the interview below:

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