Isat Buchanan Facing Backlash After Monkeypox Comments On CVM At Sunrise “Ugly People Always Worry About Pretty Things”

July 15, 2022

Prominent attorney-at-law and human rights advocate Isat Buchanan is facing backlash on Twitter after he attempted to joke about the concerns Jamaicans feel towards Monkeypox.

Questioning why some persons who “look a certain way” are worried about monkeypox on national television, Buchanan even added that “ugly people always worry about pretty things”.


The comments were made Wednesday morning while Buchanan was co-hosting CVM At Sunrise with People’s National Party (PNP) politician, Raymond Pryce.

“Some of the spots look like acne and people walking around and them face bumpy bumpy like that, so fix it Jesus, fix it,” he concluded.

His remarks have since gone viral, triggering anger in viewers, and leading CVM to release an apology Thursday morning. However, since the apology was not offered by Buchanan himself, everyone rejected it with one user labelling it as “lukewarm”.

In the apology, Buchanan’s comments are labelled as a “joke” that was not “intended to be offensive”.

“We apologize for any discomfort the remarks in yesterday’s Sunrise programme may have caused. CVM takes our role seriously in providing appropriate information and entertainment to our audience. #CVMSunrise,” CVM Television tweeted while the female co-hosting Thursday’s programme issued the apology “for any discomfort the remark may have caused”.

Watch the video with Isat Buchanan commenting on Jamaicans’ reaction to Monkeypox below.


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