Jada Kingdom calls-out Popcaan for not Collaborating on “WIN” Remix

Saturday, October 31, 2020, 9:31 PM

Young dancehall stars Popcaan and Jada Kingdom are known to have a good relationship as we have seen the two in multiple pictures and have shown respect to each other online.

They recently collaborated on Popcaan’s fixtape project which was released months ago on the track titled “SUH ME LUV IT”. Now it would appear that Jada wants a remix from Popcaan for her previously trending song titled “win” however based on Jada’s latest comments towards Popcaan it would appear that the Unruly Bossy is giving her the run around when it comes to placing his vocals on her remixed song.


Jada seemingly believes the fellow St. Thomas artiste is pulling a stunt on her. Jada called out Poppy on one of his most recent live streams, she asked “Afta mi ask yuh fi remix mi song Win a dis yuh pull? ok.”

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Popcaan did not answer the question and Jada wrote, “Ok” at the end to suggest she already know the answer.

We’ll just have to wait and see how things play out between the two St. Thomas artistes in the coming weeks or months.

Earlier rumours flew that the two were in a relationship however those rumours disappeared after Jada opened up to dating Verse Simmonds for years.

Verse Simmonds said the two met through music initially, where he was officially introduced to her music through an A&R even though he was familiar with her sound before.

Simmonds stated that it was after that the two arranged a meeting in Atlanta where they did some work together and started to click.

In a curious fan question about marriage and pregnancy, Jada did not hesitate to tell her followers she is going to get pregnant for Verse further letting them know they will be living their lives happily ever after in marriage.

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