Jada Kingdom Leaked Messages and Voicenotes

Tuesday, October 27, 2020, 10:00 AM GMT-5

Young dancehall star Jada Kingdom is tied up in a feud with rising female dancehall artiste Chikie Grainz over the “Eastside Queen” or “Queen of the East” name.

According to Chikie Grainz she had the name from 2016 while on the other hand, Jada Kingdom explains that she got the name from 2015, her mother gave it to her after winning a competition.

Chikie Grainz

After much back and fort between the two seemingly via Instagram Dm, the chat is leaked for the world to see. Check out the messages between the two below.

Jada followed up with voicenotes, “me neven did know all a dat… mi thing a eastside queen… a just one a dem ting deh… a one eastside… mek mi tell yuh from now nuh money nuh inna dah beef thing deh.. a waste a time” Says Jada who recently tried to clash fellow female dancehall star Shenseea.

“Mi cah war wid yo… mi cah theif supn mi neva know exist” Jada went on to explain to Chikie Grainz that she respects her as an artiste from the east but that’s it and she did not hear about her until she did a freestyle and fans brought up the name “Chikie Grainz” to her.

Jada concluded stating that she is not into social media war because her badness is beyond that.

Now Chikie Grainz is releasing a counteraction to Jada Kingdom’s “budum” disagreeing with some of the freaky things Jada sings about.

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