Jada Kingdom Comes Out As Lesbian

November 17, 2021 2:03 PM

Not long after Reggae singer Lila Ike made her shocking announcement of her being into women, Jada Kingdom followed her footsteps and took to social media to discuss what many people are saying they already knew. Lila’s revelation came after someone had threatened to blackmail her by releasing a photo with her and another female to the public. 

The announcement was met with harsh criticisms from persons who felt betrayed by the sensational singer nevertheless, the actions of the reggae artiste seemed to have given an edge of confidence to her music industry peer Jada Kingdom who also made a similar announcement to her fans.


The “Banana” vocalist, in a series of tweets, told her followers that she was nervous about coming out; yet, she did so months ago to her mother who surprised her with the comforting reaction she gave, also telling Jada she knew all along. 

The female Dancehall artiste said she knew her sexual preferences since high school and was even approached by another female at the time, who had feelings for her whom she turned down but the entire school figured out anyways. She also said another girl in high school did not get along well with her because the singer said she had no interest.

Jada Kingdom also expressed her shock about finding out that many of her fans did not pick up, as she hinted in her lyrics. About the entire dilemma though, the “Feelings” artiste, says she does not give a “fuck” about it and even expressed to her Twitter followers that she has never felt so free in her life.

In Jamaica, the rejection of such a lifestyle is well known to be berated, and many Dancehall artistes have felt the heavy hand of the LGBTQ community due to some lyrics deemed as hateful. Already persons such as Footah Hype have spoken their mind on the matter distastefully, along with many angry social media users but regardless, Lila Ike along with Jada Kingdom has been getting equal support from their fellow entertainers.

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What will be the aftermath of this bump in the music industry? Will fans continue to endorse the singers regardless of their sexual preferences? Or will they be treated as outcasts due to the moral standard of the mass?. One thing is for sure though, it will certainly show where the mentalities of Jamaicans are at this juncture of history.


Check out one of her tweets below.

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