Jada Kingdom opens up about Having kids and Marrying Boyfriend Verse Simmonds in the Future

In a question and answer session for their new single “Bedroom Bully”, producer Verse Simmonds and female Dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom answered some very interesting questions about their relationship that had fans digging into the couple’s lives like never before.

The conversations and questions the two had with their fans ranged from how they met to sexually related questions and talks about their pet peeves.


Verse Simmonds said the two met through music initially, where he was officially introduced to her music through an A&R even though he was familiar with her sound before.

Simmonds stated that it was after that the two arranged a meeting in Atlanta where they did some work together and started to click.

In a curious fan question about marriage and pregnancy, Jada did not hesitate to tell her followers she is going to get pregnant for Verse further letting them know they will be living their lives happily ever after in marriage.

Her exact words were “Mek mi tell unno di tings dem people cause him nah tell unno di tings dem,” she started. ‘Mi a go breed, belly a go big and shine, and him a go put a ring pon it, period…and we a go live happily ever after.”

The couple did not budge to talk about sex with the fans. Jada made it known she is freaky and went on to comment on the explicit experiences she had with Verse.

Twinkles said she could remember, at one point they went at it in bed for 4 hours however she also stated that she does not like long drawn-out sex for which Simmonds commented counteractively by stating; “At the time you weren’t complaining,”


When asked about Pet Peeves, there was none on Jada’s side however she makes mention to him being caring and making her feel secure.

With regards to Pet Peeves, Verse said that Kingdom can get frustrated sometimes, something he knows to deal with.

He also said that at times she might leave Wigs and makeup on the bathroom counter, something that Verse says is balanced out when he leaves the toilet seat up.


On a music level, the internationally known producer told his followers that he and Jada Kingdom are currently crafting her debut album for which will surely hit since the two musicians are highly professional and experienced in the entertainment industry.

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Watch as the two have fun below.


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