Jada Kingdom Says She Is The Weed Fairy

Wednesday, September 16, 2020, 7:37 PM GMT-5

“It is I, twinkles the weed fairy” was the caption to a very interesting Instagram post made by young Dancehall singer, Jada Kingdom.

The photo of the post features Twinkles with a properly rolled Ganja spliff and a drink. It would seem as if Jada Kingdom is ready to take on the role of a Marijuana Ambassador. That would certainly be worthwhile for her as the industry for the herb is very lucrative at this time.

Being in circles of high-grade users is certainly not something uncommon to Muma Heavy.

The “Budum” artiste is Well known for her loyal alliance with the unruly camp, whose leader Popcaan lives on marijuana and heavy Ganja smoker from the east side camp, Skillibeng.

It’s not common that you see none rasta female artistes promote the smoking of weed and this might be a door opener, influencing more females to highlight their love for weed

Does this post mean that the fans will be hearing a Marijuana song from Jada Kingdom soon? That they will need to wait for.

See Jada’s version of a cheap face mask below.


Jada jokes about the feeling she gets when she cleans her ear.


Jada celebrated her 22nd birthday last week on September 6th and she seemingly had the time of her live.

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In a video posted to her Instagram page, we can see Jada Kingdom in an elevator stooping because she is drunk and unable to stand up straight.

Jada was wished a happy birthday by her friend Shenseea.

Jada Kingdom’s boyfriend Verses Simmonds celebrated his birthday a day before Jada celebrated hers on September 4th, she also went online to wish him a happy birthday, see her post below.

Verses also returned the compliment by wishing his girl a happy birthday while updating his fans that the two are about to drop new music.

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