Jada Kingdom Says “Mi Feel Away” and “Shame” After Someone Said She Looks Like Mystikal – Watch Videos

Apart from being widely known for her infectious tunes, Jada Kingdom is also known for her curvaceous figure and petite face, which are now the centre of a spicy debate. The discussion that sparked online, questioned whether or not the dancehall artiste resembles OnlyFans Content Creator Mystikal.

This subject came about after a TikTok livestream that Jada Kingdom did, during which one fan made what Jada perceived to be an unflattering comment about her and Mystikal sharing similar appearances. The comparison must have offended Jada since she made it obvious to the viewer, Ricky, that it was a “f*ck up” thing to say.

“Yuh f*ck up. Lef di place, Ricky… Mi feel away,” she said. She even mimicked barfing when mentioning Mystikal’s name.

“Dat f*ck up. Dat f*ck mi up,” she continued.

Watch the videos of Jada below:


Jada went on to express that she feels “shame” of the comparison.

Since the video started circulating on social media, viewers have shared the same sentiment as Jada, declaring that she is prettier than the OnlyFans model.

One fan expressed that the comment was “disrespectful,” and another said that Mystikal was not “cute at all.”


During the debate, fans of the Budum singjay have even dragged Mystikal, with one slamming her as a “grung lizard” and another comparing her to “sid ina ice age.”

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