Miss Kitty Disses Mystikal for Bashing 9-5 Workers, Mystikal Responds – Watch Videos

Chris Brown’s concert last night had a little drama mixed amid the exciting performances, which has ignited a lot of conversations on the internet. The drama began when the event’s host, Miss Kitty, decided to throw subliminal shots at Mystikal Menace for talking down on 9 to 5 workers.

Miss Kitty, who held nothing back on stage, was bothered by Mystikal’s mocking comments about people working 9 to 5 jobs. The comments, which have garnered some backlash online for belittling employees within such jobs, were made during a live stream Mystikal did with Lincoln3 Dot.

It seemed that some viewers were criticising Mystikal for having an Only Fans account, leading to her slamming 9 to 5 workers.

Watch the video of Mystikal and Lincoln below:


Miss Kitty, legally named Khadine Hylton, decided to address Mystikal but only referred to her as “some gyal.” In the message, Miss Kitty encouraged the cheering audience to never allow anyone to make them feel less than they are.

“Don’t mek nuh gyal weh nuh have nuh throat back and nuh belly bottom draw unuh out..you have to creep before you walk,” she said.

Her speech was filled with encouraging words for the patrons and laced with firey comebacks at Mystikal.

“Some a dem gyal weh have man a cancel dem tonsil fi a living and wah come hype pan me, clean woman,” she continued. “Aye gyal move.”

Watch the video of Miss Kitty below:


Her message caught the attention of many online users, with viewers approving the message. However, Mystikal was infuriated by Miss Kitty’s comments and took to the internet with a video dissing the radio talk show host.

In reaction to the comments, Mystikal called Miss Kitty “Miss Piggy,” while saying that she can do whatever she wants with her body. “Since nuh man nah cancel fi yuh tonsil dem, and you si a woman wid such class and morals and substance, where is your f**king husband, Miss Piggy?” Mystikal asked.

Watch the video of Mystikal responding to Miss Kitty below:


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