Jada Kingdom “Shake Dung di Place” with Great Performance in Trinidad and Tobago

In dancehall music, few artistes possess the captivating ability to command a crowd and connect with an audience quite like Jada Kingdom can.

On the night of August 19, the Queen’s Park Savannah in Trinidad and Tobago transformed into a pulsating epicentre of music and culture as Jada Kingdom took the stage at the Magnum Xplosion Summer Stage Edition. With a mesmerizing performance that left the crowd in awe, Jada Kingdom proved why she is one of the genre’s most magnetic and talented artistes.


As the night sky illuminated with the glow of stage lights and anticipation swirled in the air, Jada Kingdom shook the stage like a force of nature.


Dressed in a dazzling black ensemble with fishnet stockings that reflected her vibrant persona, she exuded confidence and grace in the spotlight.


One of the night’s highlighted moments was Jada’s performance of her hit song “Shake,” a collaboration with fellow dancehall artiste Skillibeng. The song’s lyrics came to life as Jada stayed true to her craft, translating the infectious rhythms into a visual spectacle, leaving the crowd exhilarated.

In a video circulating across social media platforms, Jada’s uninhibited and skilful dance moves were on full display as she whined, shook, and gyrated to the rhythm of the music.

Afterwards, the MC then urged Jada to give the audience “one more,” a request to which she happily obliged. She continued to showcase her remarkable dance prowess with unparalleled energy, leaving the audience amazed.


Following this exhilarating dance display, Jada seamlessly transitioned into performing “Shake,” emitting the song’s lyrics with a fiery passion highlighting her vocal prowess.

The impact of Jada Kingdom’s performance was not confined to the Queen’s Park Savannah that night. The video snippets shared on social media quickly gained traction, reaching a wider audience and sparking discussions among fans and music enthusiasts alike. One particular viewer humorously vowed to change his ways, pledging to “stop cheating” if he could have Jada Kingdom as his partner.

See a photo of the comment below:

Jada Kingdom comment


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