Jada Kingdom Says She’s a “Gen Z Jezebel” in New Song

Jada Kingdom took to social media to give a sneak peek of a new song which seems to be titled ‘Gen Z Jezebel’ given the section of the soundtrack that was posted.

The snippet of the single was uploaded with a series of pictures from a photo shoot that the artiste did in an all-purple outfit.

The outfit consisted of a tube top, stretchy tights with fuzzy bottoms, and an additional piece of clothing that looked like wrap-around sleeves with fuzz at the collar and hands.

See the pictures below:

The song was added at the end of the slide of pictures and was her typical style of music where she boasted about a “wicked gyal” and go-getter con artiste.

“Since yuh mean wid yuh money mi a mean wid mi pu**y den, con out a rich man get a bigger Benz. Wicked bum**cl**t gyal and it evident, nuh give a f**k, I’m a gen z jezebel. From you a cruff yuh nuh authorize pan e endz…” she sang.

Listen to the snippet below:

Although many were in agreement that they liked the song, not everyone agreed with the message or liked that she called herself a Jezebel.

Fellow Dancehall artiste Dovey Magnum said, “Jezebel only way,” queen_kaddejah stated, “Love this but I’m not a Jezebel,” and another person defending her wrote, “For all the slow people out here it’s obvious that her using the term “jezebel” is sarcasm based off the image people are starting to paint…the same way Tommy lee said he was a “demon”…”.

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