Jada Kingdom Wins on Youtube Trending

Monday, August 3, 2020, 10:08 AM GMT-5

Female Dancehall artist Jada Kingdom has climbed to the top of the YouTube trending charts since recently with her song “win”.

Fans have definitely been celebrating this a definite win for the Artist due to the recent controversies surrounding her career.

The song was released with a visualizer of her in the community of Bull Bay from where she is from originally.

The track speaks of the struggles she endures and the level of resilience it takes for her to come back and win. The song was produced by “MathsofMind production” and “Pop Style music”.

Surprisingly the song has outdone Koffee’s new track “lock down” and Mavado’s single “Enemy line” to be doing very well at number 1.

Already, Jada Kingdom has racked up over 700,000 views on the video platform for “WIN” which was released on July 26th.

The numbers are constantly going up by the minute as her fans love the realness of the song and video.

Jada Kingdom went on her Instagram to announce “win is trending number one on youtube” She went on to explain that it’s not her first time trending at number one however this time it’s very special to her because the song is personal.

“This is real life” Jada explained that she builds this song to motivate herself and she listens to it every day, she even explains that the video was shot at her “yaad”.

An emotional Jada Kingdom states “mi neva expect this at all.. it means so much to me… thank you guys so much”

See her post below


Watch the music video below.

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