Jahshii Drops “Bigger Picture” Music Video

St. Andrew dancehall artiste Jahshii who is currently in a lyrical confrontation with Silk Boss has released another song and video that’s aimed at the Ice Nation artitse, the witty new release is titled “Bigger Picture”.

A day after Silk Boss released “Last Nation” which is a diss track aimed at Jahshii, Jahshii responds but in an attempt to be the bigger man he sings mainly about achieveing the important things in life and helping others, “a money pan mi brain a the bigga picture,” he sings. However the Grants Pen native could not resist from taking several jabs at Silk Boss.


In Bigger Picture which is accompanied by a music video, the “Born Fighter” singer outlines that he is not into clashing with someone who is copying his style and is a nerd in the streets.

While Silk Boss joked about Jahshii shooting himself in his previous released song, in this new release Jahshii reminds us that he was the one who opened up about shooting himself by accident and he disclosed the information to warn the youths not to play with guns.

“Dem nuh bad like we… dem nuh bad like me Fuss nation wi will lost dem yeah,” Sing Jahshii.

Watch the music video below.

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