Jahshii Features His Mother in “False Alarm” Music Video as He Sings About Murder Rumour

Grants Pen Dancehall artiste Jahshii returns with a new music video for his song titled False Alarm. The song addresses recent rumours about the artiste being involved with the murder of a man called “Romie” in the Grants Pen community.

The music video features Jahshii’s mother pleading for her and her son’s innocence, despite rumours saying otherwise. The visuals also feature the 25/8 artiste talking to several media Journalists, outlining his innocence, and pleading with “mr news man” to get his facts right and not present the news “wrong”.

According to Jahshii, people should expect nothing less than him protecting himself at any cost going forward.

Some lyrics, “Mi deh pan dah stage yah wid a weapon near mi weh nuh deh pan safety, a di wul place mi tek and shake it cah tek mi 3 points nuh Lebran James this… A rather them than me cah kill mi suh easy.”

Watch the music video below for False Alarm.

One fan of the dancehall star commented, “Keep strong jahshii Great song and keep put in the work fuss Nation,” another stated, “Jashii is one of the most undeniable talent of his generation.”

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