Jahshii Reportedly at the Centre of Deadly Grants Pen War and Had to Leave The Area – Watch Video

According to multiple reports, Cream of The Crop artiste Jahshii seems to be caught up in some grave allegations surrounding his name, leading to him vacating his community of Grants Pen. Reports suggest the entertainer is currently in hiding following an incident which occurred in his community. 

Popular Youtube channel On The Spot News Media presenter recently uploaded a video addressing the alleged incident in Grants Pen involving the Dancehall star. The Youtuber claim that Jahshii’s mother was at the centre of an incident which led to an unsolved murder.

“A man who goes by the name of Romie who has a shop in the same vicinity had a verbal turned physical altercation with Jahshii’s mother, it is said that Romie, who is now deceased by the way, basically dashed some water pon Jahshii’s mother, Jahshii never tek so kindly to that, none of us wud,” the YouTuber revealed.

According to the presenter, Jahshii went to confront the man over the incident involving his mother, and that’s when the situation escalated.

“After Jahshii page Romie, some likkle goons who said to be importees from Spanish Town weh deh round Jahshii decide seh dem ago defend the thing fi the artiste because Romie run weh Jahshii when time Jahshii go page him and mek him know seh no man to him thing so the likkle goons dem hear that now and go dash weh Romie yeah man the man dem go slap so corn inna Romie Body,” the Youtuber outlined.

As per the report, the man who was killed is the brother of a well-known don from the Grants Pen community known as Pokey. The presenter also revealed that Pokey is currently in America, but is seeking revenge for Romie’s Death.

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According to the presenter, “The elders in the Grants Pen a try fi wul the thing together, but Pokey is hellbent on taking Jahshii from out a the game permanently.”

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See the video below:

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