Jahshii Talks His Rise in Dancehall – Video

Monday, November 29, 2021, 10:50 AM GMT-5

Young striving artiste Jahshii is currently making waves in the Dancehall music space, but his success did not come without a story and the entertainer joined Winford Williams OnStage recently to let him know the story.

As a part of his journey, the entertainer stated that for him to have had the buzz that he is now experiencing he had to build a movement from the ground up to help push the music which he claims has been done from his heart, to motivate youth. The young deejay explained to Winford Williams that his background in music is very deep, letting the host know that his Mother and Father are both lovers of music and his bigger brother Harry Hype is a selector.

When asked about his inspiration in the music, Jahshii told Winford Williams that he looks up to every other artiste who came before him and after, especially Popcaan who gave him the platform of “Unruly Clash Wednesdays” a few years ago.

The entertainer says when he now talks to “Poppy”, the ” Unruly Boss” expresses that he is proud of the youngster’s accomplishments and that he could even be bigger than him. The talented young artiste said his expertise in music started when he was four years old, and continued when he went to the Shortwood practising school and then Excelsior High where he made his name as an artiste.

While attending High School Jahshii said he started to go to a studio in Nannyville, where he began to record a lot and even missed school to go there because he knew what he wanted since that time.  Jahshii says that he did not graduate high school due to his love for music which caused him not to have any exam grades which the teachers realized and gave him the option to play football for the school and repeat however, with his mind already set on music there was no stopping him.

At this point, the young entertainer has several songs such as “25/8”, “keep up” and others that have taken off to become sensational hits among Jamaicans. Hopefully, this trajectory by the entertainer will see him becoming a household name in Dancehall, and doubling his success shortly.

Learn more from his interview below.

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