Jahshii’s Back-To-School Treat In Grants Pen – Watch Video

August 31, 2022 12:55 PM

Admiration and respect towards Jahshii from thousands of fans, some of whom he graced with a back-to-school treat in his native community, Grants Pen. Fans are praising the young deejay not only for the gifts he gave to the children but also because, despite being new in the industry, he has been on a selfless and very generous path of giving back.

Jahshii is also praised for the performance he delivered, which some say was his best performance ever. Jahshii made his appearance on stage with his hit single 25/8, performing with vigour and sending a message of unity.


He said that he wanted to see his community unified, declaring, “United we stand.”

This was not the only message the dancehall artiste gave his young audience. After performing more of his hit singles, he warned the youths about the dangers of guns by relating his own experience of shooting himself in the foot.

He told the youths, “God bless me wid three things: a good headspace, football and music, and none a dem three tings deh nuh involve gun, cause God neva bless me fi be a police or a soldier. So taking up gun in my life was a mistake.”

This message gave way to his song, Count Your Blessings, which excited his fans.

After performing his hit singles, Jahshii called on Nesbeth, who gave him credit for his generosity. Pelpa Time Production reported that children were treated with books and bags at the back-to-school special, which Jahshii told the press was a success.

The other featured artistes included Chronic Law, Brysco, and Malie. Jahshii, a father of one, also told the media that he did the event because it is a part of his journey to develop his community. He explained that he had hopes to also develop other communities, the nation and the entire globe.


When asked about the impact Silk Boss had on him, Jahshii, who wore matching outfits with his son, told Pelpa Time that he did not remember who Silk Boss was and indicated that he was always focused on the bigger picture, which did not include certain things.

Jahshii also confirmed with Pelpa Time that he was booked for the return of Sting.

Watch the performances at his back-to-school treat below.


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