Jamaica Confirms Eight Cases of COVID-19

Saturday, March 14, 2020, 11:31 AM GMT-5

More cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in Kingston and other parts of Jamaica.
The Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton confirmed that the second imported case was found.

The Minister said the second case was a person who returned from the UK, a US Embassy employee.

The first two COVID-19 or coronavirus cases on the island both involve individuals who travelled to the UK.

Dr. Tufton confirmed that the first case of the virus in Jamaica involved a dual citizen who had returned to the island from the UK in order to attend a relative’s funeral.

The UK was not on the list of places that Jamaica has imposed travel restrictions for, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The Prime Minister now considers adding it to the list. 

Travel restrictions are in place for China, Italy, UK, South Korea, Singapore, Iran, Spain, Germany and France.

Another 6 cases were confirmed today and more persons are being tested.

Mr. Andrew Holness, Jamaica’s Prime Minister is urging the people to be calm as the nation brace for a looming breakout of the virus.

Speaking at a media briefing recently, Mr. Holness says there are plans in place already underway to manage a potential outbreak.

He also stated clearly that containing COVID-19 now takes priority over the elections, which are constitutionally due within a year from now.

jamaica cases
jamaica cases

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