Jamaica’s next General election set for September 3

Tuesday, August 11, 2020, 7:18 PM GMT-5

Jamaica News, while speaking earlier, Prime Minister of Jamaica and the JLP leader Hon. Andrew Holness told the people of Jamaica when they will next go to the polls to vote for their leader in a General Election.

Before announces the election date Mr. Holness told the speaker of the house about the many good deeds himself and his party has done on the island since they took over.


Holness explained that he made two commitments before he decided to set a date for the next election. First, he wanted to make sure the people of Jamaica were safe during the pandemic with the best measures possible in place that puts the people first. Secondly, he wanted to make sure that the economy does not crash after the pandemic, he explained that he had to make special decisions especially in the tourism industry.

Mr. Holness states that Jamaica’s future looks bright despite grouth expecting to take a hit in coming months “i have no doubt in my mind that Jamaica will recover stronger, i have no doubt in my mind that Jamaica will build back stronger”.

He then proceeded to inform the house on the country that nomination date will be on Tuesday the 18th of August. PM Holness then went on to state that the date fixed for Jamaica’s General election is on Thursday, September 3rd 2020.

“This must be a peaceful election” he appealed to supporters of both political parties, he also warns them to not make politics be a reason why COVID-19 spread on the island.

Watch full video of The Sitting of the House of Representatives | Aug 11, 2020 below.

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