Jamaica Makes $0 From Bauxite Mining According to Dr John Lennon – Watch Interview

Dr John Lennon recently made some damning revelations about the non-existing profits generated from Jamaica’s bauxite mining. The solar energy advocate outlined the total amount to $0 despite the undisputed destruction caused by bauxite mining.

Lennon also says he is not anti-mining but rather anti-exploitation.

The advocate detailed how he discovered the $0 figure by stating, “When you look in the fiscal policy papers, I looked in it for this current year, the 23-24 fiscal year, you’ll find that there are tables in there showing how much bauxite the history of how much we have been paid and also the projections, so there you will see in that paper that in 2019 that the treasury receive $0, $0 we receive for bauxite.”

Dr Lennon went on to outline that he also went through the projections provided by the papers, which showed that in 2027 Jamaica is projected to make $0. Lennon also pointed out that this will make it an eight-year period that Jamaica will not earn any profit from its bauxite, the time period started in 2019.

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According to Dr Lennon, “When you look at the figures, you”ll see that there is only 35 million US is going to be paid that 35 million is coming from one company and that is Windalco and Windalco is not actually paying for the bauxite it’s mining now this is a 35 million that is paying for bauxite in the past from before 2017.”

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Watch the full interview below:

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