Jamaica Now Able To Export Pineapples To Barbados

Wednesday, November 3, 2021, 4:06 PM GMT-5

Jamaica is now being allowed to export Pineapples to Barbados, which is a great development in the Agricultural sector and will find many farmers making use of the opportunity shortly.

For persons involved in farming and exporting who are interested in exporting Pineapples, the procedure requires for them to be registered under the Agricultural and Fisheries Plant Quarantine And Produce inspection Branch as well as an import permit that they will need to get from the Agricultural and Food Security Ministry in Barbados.

Those persons who will gain the wonderful opportunity of getting licenses for exporting pineapples will need to abide by the protocols governing the move, which includes packaging and certification as well as post-harvest handling.

The announcement recently came that Jamaica was able to ship out Pineapples to Barbados after the UK ended up giving the clearance for which coconut, Cotton, Apples, banana, Citrus and Guava are included.

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