Jamaica Tourism Booming Says Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett

The tourism industry in Jamaica is progressing well in the post-pandemic period and that was something recently expressed by the country’s Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett, and proven by statistics from the Jamaica Tourist Board.

According to the information relayed to the public by the Jamaica Tourist Board, last year, the Island had a total of 1,464,399 visitors which resulted in over $2 Billion in spending and visitors spending longer time frames on their vacations.


The information from the JTB outlined that in the year 2019, the average number of nights per trip was 7.9; however, for 2021 that number went up to 9.1 nights and this occurred whilst the pandemic was strongly in play.

The Tourism Minister explained that the exceedingly strong performance of the industry in 2021 as it relates to the number of visitors and total amount spent is evidence of the quality of products Jamaica is offering with their travel partners.

The Minister also highlighted that the numbers are also expected to continue growing with travel restrictions getting relaxed and key source markets for the island, reopening their doors to facilitate international travel.

For the year 2021 most of the visitors came according to the JTB statistics from the United States and that number was said to be 1,278,679 equating to approximately 87 per cent of the total visitations on the island for that year.

As for the current visitations that Jamaica has been receiving for 2022, the country has already recorded an amount of 27,000 in one weekend with 8700 persons entering the island on Saturday alone, making it the highest number of tourists to come into the island in one day since the June 2020 reopening of the country’s borders.

As a projection, the JTB has expressed that they expect the total number of 2022 visitations to be around 2.5 million while attracting spending of up to $2.9 Billion.

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