Jamaican Carnival Sold Out

Tuesday, April 30, 2019, 11:18 AM GMT-5

Jamaica’s Carnival has become a unique experience that is attracting persons from all over the world. It is a fusion of Reggae and Calypso and this combination has attracted a lot of people. According to a press release, patrons filled all the hotel rooms and rented all the cars from the Car Rental Companies in Kingston.

Jamaica Carnival fets are mainly in Kingston and there are also events held in Ocho-Rios. Patrons who stay in Ocho-Rios easily travel on the highway and enjoy themselves in Kingston. Kingston is seen as the place to be, the best place to host Carnival because of the many places people can visit when they are not dancing and enjoying Carnival.

They visit the Bob Marley Museum, Trench Town and many other interesting places around the city. Kingston is always buzzing with activity and people are enjoying themselves in many ways when they decide to be a part of Jamaica Carnival.

The width of the roads in Kingston, are perfect for the road marches, the many hotels and other accommodations that are available for visitors make Kingston perfect for Carnival. Buju’s Concert in March helped to grow the music loving crowd in the city as well. Entrance fee is US$5 and the Carnival is not very costly because of sponsorship.

On the other Hand, dancehall fans believe that Carnival over shadows popular dancehall events yearly thus the Carnival season is not good for dancehall.

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