Jamaican Citizen Calls Flow’s New Ad with Tami and Wayne Mitchell ‘Insensitive’

A concerned Jamaican citizen wrote a letter to the Jamaica Observer to air her grievances with Flow’s new advertisement featuring Tami and Wayne Mitchell along with their children. The email has been circulating on various social media platforms, including Twitter.

The ad was promoting Flow’s YA’AD & ROAD internet and phone data plan, a plan that not only affords a customer Wi-Fi at home but also the additional advantage of a Flow sim card that allows you to have data on the go.

In a letter written by a citizen with the name listed as Althea L Williams, she began by stating her reason for contacting the media outlet, which was to speak on the company’s new ad. As the letter continued, she expressed the discomfort she felt with the scene enacted by the couple.

“I find the advertisement quite insensitive at this time as it depicts a scene in which the Mitchells are rushing to leave the house with their children but forgot their youngest child, a months-old baby,” Williams wrote.

Williams pointed out that although the Mitchell’s realized that they were about to leave the child at home just in the nick of time, a member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) went through a similar ordeal where he had forgotten about his one-year-old daughter in his car, only to return to find her dead.

She declared, “I can just imagine how this deceased child’s parents, relatives, and friends must feel whenever this Flow advertisement is broadcast.”

Furthermore, she mentioned that the ad pops up without any warning or signal that it is about to be played. Williams voiced that one of her co-workers has a 6-year-old son who saw the ad and posed the question to his mother, ‘”how can someone forget their baby? I’m sure you wouldn’t forget me.”‘

Williams herself questioned if advertisers thought about the message they are sending when they signed off on the final projects.

After reading what Williams had to say, a Twitter user stated, “Because something is meant to be funny doesn’t mean it’s not offensive. If the ad is genuinely triggering, then it’s something that can be discussed although I doubt it is,” while another injected, “t’s a well written opinion. I get their point but it’s not flows responsibility to be mindful of others real life mishaps. If it does anything is subconsciously remind people of “di baby!” And actually promotes awareness.”

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In case you missed it, take a look at the ad below:

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