Jamaican Dad Reacts Comically to A Black Bear At His Back Door, “You Live Here?” – Watch Video

Sunday, October 22, 2023, 6:03 PM

Living abroad can be an exciting experience, especially for immigrants who have embraced a new culture while keeping their roots intact. One such individual, a Jamaican dad, recently had a hilarious encounter with a black bear on his porch that left viewers and his family in laughter. This unexpected interaction showcases the unique use of language and perspectives of Jamaicans as they navigate life in a foreign land.



Imagine looking through your window only to find a black bear standing there, seemingly searching for food. That’s exactly what happened to this Jamaican dad. Rather than being overcome with fear, his quick wit and sense of humour immediately kicked in. After spotting the bear through a glass window, he rushed out fearlessly and hilariously responded by asking the question, “Excuse me, you live here?”

The man was armed with a baseball bat in his hand, which he swung, but the bear had already made its way off the porch. Accompanied by his family, who enjoyed the reaction by the Jamaican, they gathered where the bear was and scanned their surroundings to see where the bear went before one of them said someone should take a picture. The man also revealed that the bear ate all of his seeds.

As the video of the amusing encounter spread, it quickly gained traction on social media platforms, highlighting the easygoing nature and the nonchalant approach to danger by Jamaicans. People from all walks of life appreciated the Jamaican dad’s hilarious response, with comments pouring in.

See the video below:


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