Jamaican Lottery Scammer Explains The Chop – Video

This is an interview with an alleged lottery scammer from Kingston, highlighting the positive impacts of scamming in Jamaica despite the many negatives. The male scammer that was interviewed about his endeavours with regards to lottery scamming recalls starting out at age 17, he’s now 32 years old.

“I am one of the most sophisticated phone users,” stated the male who went on to detail that he uses VPN and voice change apps on his phone, hence it’s hard for law enforcers to track him and he has never been in trouble because of the controversial work which he takes much pride in doing, however, would not want his kids to follow the route.

He also highlights losing millions, however, he is glad that he is not in jail or worse. He explains that he grew up in Tivoli Gardens and growing up was not a bed of roses hence he is always looking for more out of life. The man wearing the army cap outlines in the interview that he sees himself as a black Robin Hood who takes from the rich and gives to the poor and needy.

Watch the full informative interview below.

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