Jamaican Scammer GETS VERY UPSET at Fake ‘Old Lady’ Who TRICKED HIM During Call – Watch, Listen

A video uploaded online has been getting a lot of reactions from Jamaicans due to the nature of its content. It’s a video of a Youtuber acting like an old lady tricking a suspected Jamaican scammer into believing that he can get some money out of her.

“What time you going to the bank?” the Jamaican asked at one point

Calls between the fake ‘old lady’ and the suspected Jamaican Scammer reportedly lasted for over five hours with a lot of cursing in between the calls, like, “Listen when I fcking talking to you.”

After noticing that he was not getting much success, the Jamaican told the ‘old lady’ to, “have a nice day… god bless you… you burn in hell.” “Are you stupid or dumb?” he questioned at another point, the ‘old lady’ also called the Jamaican “stupid” on several occasions without him noticing that someone was playing a trick on him.

The ‘Old Lady’

Further on in the call, the suspected Scammer who claimed that he was in Texas, USA was hacked and his info taken followed by his laptop being wiped clean of his important files such as pictures and music that he uses to DJ at events.

The one-hour and eighteen-minute-long video has racked up over 300k views since being posted in June. The video is titled, “Contender For The Angriest Scammer I’ve Encountered?”

One person watch and commented, “I’m a Jamaican and I’m happy that you were giving him hell. These scammers make the whole country look bad and make it hard for honest workers to get jobs overseas,” while another said, “As a Jamaican sometimes I have to really wonder how so many Americans fall for these scams.”

Watch the viral video below:


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